Sunday, June 1, 2008

10 Objects Scavenger Hunt

Directions for hunters:
There are 10 crayons attached to 10 objects. Find them and use the crayon to make an X next to the beginning letter of the object.

Directions for Parents:
This is an easy hunt for parties. Each child can have their own sheet of paper or they can work in groups. There are 2 possible ways to run this hunt.

1. Using tape, attach a crayon to each object. Hide the objects around the house. When children find an object, they must use the crayon to mark an X next to the corresponding first letter.
2. Stickers are an alternative to crayons. Place a different sheet of stickers on each object. When children find the object they take a sticker and place it next to the first letter of the object.

Please leave ehlpful comments or tips about this scavenger hunt.

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