Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Country Travel Chart

This page is perfect for a trip through the countryside. Find the places that are pictured on the chart.

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Backyard Treasure Hunt

Sample Clues:

Find something round
That bounces on the ground

Find something that gives you a ride
Take a break and sit inside

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Avatar Scavenger Hunt

This hunt was written for an Avatar birthday party and is based on the cartoon.

Look for something that starts with the given letter and sounds like the picture. The graphics on this page are from www.clipartinc.com. Instructions and answers are on the bottom of the second page. Cut off the answers before giving out the clues.

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Animal Opposites Treasure Hunt

Parents: Place a treat next to something in your house that has the same trait as the creature. There should be 4 treats for each picture.
Children: Circle the word that describes the animal or its habitat. Find something in your house that has the same trait. Cut along the dotted line and use separately for smaller treasure hunts.

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Animal Alliteration

Animal Alliteration

Place a treat by each place on the answer list
Cut out the clues and place them so each leads to the next clue.

Sample Clues:
1. Lazy lions like to listen to loud lullabies while lying upon this long lounger

2. Hungry hippos have hundreds of healthy helpings of homemade honey.

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Analogies Scavenger Hunt

Hide a treat by each answer. Children must figure out each anology, find the object in their house and then find the treat.

Cook food : stove
Clean clothes: ______________

Eat : Plate
Drink : ___________

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Alphabet Hunt

This hunt can be done anywhere. Hunters must find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet and write the name next to the letter.

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Airplane and Car Chart

This chart has pictures of things seen from an airplane window. Look out the window and color in the box next to the object. Keep track of how many lakes, rivers, farms, stores, etc.. you find.

The graphics on this page can be found at www.graphicsfactory.com.
Look out the window and color in the box when you see each picture.

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10 Team Challenges

This game is perfect for a party. Here are the first 3 sets of directions.

10 Team Challenges
Remember to work as a team. Players not working as a team will be put in the penalty box for 1 event.

1. Volley the ball 10 times without it hitting the ground
2. Find 10 pennies in the sandbox
3. Move 10 water balloons from the yellow to the white bucket without moving your feet

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10 Objects Scavenger Hunt

Directions for hunters:
There are 10 crayons attached to 10 objects. Find them and use the crayon to make an X next to the beginning letter of the object.

Directions for Parents:
This is an easy hunt for parties. Each child can have their own sheet of paper or they can work in groups. There are 2 possible ways to run this hunt.

1. Using tape, attach a crayon to each object. Hide the objects around the house. When children find an object, they must use the crayon to mark an X next to the corresponding first letter.
2. Stickers are an alternative to crayons. Place a different sheet of stickers on each object. When children find the object they take a sticker and place it next to the first letter of the object.

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